My creative impulses were placed on the back burner for over fifty years until I retired from my day job as a Social Worker/Manager for the state of Michigan. In 2005 I returned to Wayne State University to began working on my BFA and I graduated in 2008. Currently I am a full time artist finally.

The most consistent theme in my work is that of visibility because I recognize that historically black people have generally been rendered invisible. The act of seeing is a choice and one can choose not to look at something or someone. As an artist I choose to see the negative image, the black image, recognizing that to render this image visible is an intellectual necessity. My foray into abstraction evolved out of my figurative images when I decided to deconstruct and simplify the forms and at the same time maintain the rhythm and dynamic character of my narrative. Figures morphed into ethereal shapes and lines and I found that abstraction represented freedom and empowerment for me both as an individual and as an artist.

I generally work on several different pieces concurrently. In my most recent work I am staining the canvas and building up layers of color. As one layer is drying I work on another piece building multiple layers of narrative composed of ambiguous forms and shapes which are often difficult to discern. I work in a number of different mediums and enjoy manipulating the pigments and experimenting with texture and color.